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Soul Plan Readings

My Soul Plan Readings are offered in Cheshire on a one to one basis in person, group bookings and also by phone or by email to anywhere in the world.  

Prior to your Soul Plan Reading I will  prepare your Souls Plan Star of Creation and summary based on your birth name as it appears on your birth certificate. In your reading I offer you guidance and explanation of what your worldly and spiritual challenges, talents and goals are, and also your soul destiny, potential limiting beliefs and healing affirmations. I link into your soul plan summary and work with this intuitively also.

I will look at your challenges both physical and spiritual; showing you what stands in your way, the blocks you will have experienced throughout your life. 

By looking at your Worldly and Spiritual Talents and Goals this will help you to gain clarity and you can recognise these within you and the strength they hold to help you overcome any challenges and blocks holding you back.

A Soul Plan Reading can help you to understand why patterns, past issues and events in your life keep re-occurring, the experiences and challenges you have been faced with in this lifetime; what limiting core beliefs you are holding on to.  Your talents and goals will guide you forward, empowering you to manifest your dreams and aspirations for the future, feeling a sense of healing, becoming more focused and a sense of assertiveness about your life and it's purpose.

In a full hour soul plan readings I will incorporate some spiritual cards such as the tarot, soul journey, colour cards or runes.  In some readings I may be aware of the spirit world should your loved ones in spirit make their presence felt I will connect with them and bring through any messages that they may wish to share. 

I can email or print your soul plan chart, including your star of creation and the 8 page report which includes the  summary of the background to soul plan, what your challenges, talents and goals are both worldly and spiritual mean and your soul destiny. Potential limiting beliefs, healing affirmations, your soul message and your soul purpose summary.  I also give you the meanings of the numbers and symbols also,  as well as help methods you can use to try to help you overcome any  challenges in your life that you are dealing with.

I also offer mini Soul Plan Reports and readings which includes your star of creation and an 8 page summary of the background to soul plan, what your challenges, talents and goals both worldly and spiritual mean and your soul destiny. Potential limiting beliefs, healing affirmations, your soul message and your soul purpose summary.   

Psychic and Spiritual Readings

For Guidance . I take a more holistic approach to these types of readings. I will link into your energy on a psychic level, past, present and potential.  I may use a combination of cards in the reading if I feel drawn to do so.  Should you wish a connection from spirit also, I will set the intent to connect with your loved ones from the spirit world and hope to bring through their presence, as well as evidence and any message or guidance that they may wish to share with you about your life at the current time.  I'm happy for you to bring any photos or items that belonged to your loved ones in spirit for the duration of the sitting. I have to specify for whatever reason I may not always be able to get a connection or link to the person(s) you hope for, but I will always set out my best intentions to do so.

The meaning behind this type of reading will be to help give you some clarity, healing and guidance as you take the next step along your path.  I don't predict future outcomes, or give answers to your life, I can only highlight your potential based on the decisions and actions you make going forward because we each hold the answers within us, and know ourselves better than anyone else does.  A reading may be able to unlock some unanswered questions and aid you with some decisions going forward.  

Spiritual Readings

I can offer a reading that is purely a mediumship reading where my intent is to connect to those who you will know in the spirit world. I shall connect and give evidence of their time here on earth and memories shared and pass on any information or message they would like to share to you, for comfort and guidance. 

Soul Plan Business Name Readings
Soul Plan can also be used to help on deciding a name for your own unique business.  It will give you a star of creation chart and the numbers included. This provides the strengths and energy behind the numbers and the name you could decide on, which could therefore be an important significance in the future success of your enterprise.


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