About Me and My Work

About Me and my Work
Soul Plan Readings and Relationship Readings
Therapies including, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Holistic Therapies
Qualifucations and Training

I have always had a passion for helping people and been eager to keep learning and expanding my knowledge and understanding about life, about myself, about others and why we are here.  Following the Soul Plan system has allowed me to align to my soul purpose and this has been the most significant and powerful tool to help me in my journey to date.  

I was brought up in a family where my parents fostered, I naturally became open minded, non judgemental and compassionate towards others which I feel has also enabled me with some experience and attributes to the work in which I do now.  I meet many people who have also faced challenges and difficulties at some point in their life and my intent within the Soul Plan Readings and Therapies is to activate healing and encourage self empowerment

Over the years I feel I have been drawn to many different people with common interests, which in some way encouraged and then lead me on to many paths and directions in my life. This helped in some of my 
decisions and motivation to train in the areas of Soul Plan readings, counselling, healing, hypnotherapy, holistic therapies, psychic development and mediumship, as one interest and passion followed onto the next. 

I have been practicing reiki healing for over 15 years and have attuned others to be able to practice reiki for them selves and for others.  I qualified as a hypnotherapist in 2006 and have been treating people for over 10 years with various physical, emotional and psychological conditions. For my development and progression I went on to learn reflexology, hopi ear candles and meditation techniques in 2011 and have been doing treatments and classes in these over the last 6 years.  

Since 2003 I have attended many courses in mediumship and psychic studies at the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, the Arthur Findlay Centre in Stafford and other various churches.  I have also been involved in development circles and workshops.  Since 2013 I have been demonstrating mediumship throughout Cheshire, Shropshire and the West Midlands, along side another medium in Church services and demonstrations.  I have been practising one to one readings since this time, I have trained in The Advanced System of Soul Plan, this enables me to do full in depth Soul Plan Readings on a one to one basis, Soul Plan Relationship Readings and Business name readings. 


* Advanced System of Soul Plan Readings for Reltionship Readings and Business Names ( Holistic Healing College)
* Certificate in Soul Plan Readings (with the Holistic Healing College)
* Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis ( with London College of Clinical Hypnosis)
* Reiki levels 1 2 and 3 Master/Teacher certified (Usui system of natural healing, master symbol and techniques for advanced Reiki Training)
* Certificate for Introductory Programme in Counselling Skills (South Cheshire College)
* Practitioner in Reflexology (with Solace Holistic Training Academy)
* Practitioner in Hopi Ear Candles (with Solace Holistic Training Academy)
* Certified as a Meditation Teacher (with Solace Holistic Training Academy)